International Counsel

Through personal experiences and professional interactions with people from around the globe, Hone Maxwell LLP’s attorneys have gained the contacts, as well as the cultural knowledge and understanding, needed to serve as a trusted international business advisor.

HMLLP provides comprehensive legal planning and oversight, in addition to tax counsel, to businesses expanding internationally — whether it be a foreign corporation looking to operate in the United States or an American company that wants to do business abroad. From mergers and acquisitions and real estate negotiations to human resources and operations, HMLLP understands cross-border business issues and is a trusted advisor regarding all aspects of business.

Business has become increasingly global and transparent, creating a growing need for comprehensive legal and consulting services that cross borders and oceans. Traditionally, only large, multi-national law practices or consulting firms offered this breadth of services, often at the expense of personalized service and reasonable fees. HMLLP’S experience and extensive international partnerships allow the team to successfully advise and guide clients as they navigate an ever-changing global landscape.

International Business Expansion in the U.S.

The U.S. is a desirable destination for both international business expansion and immigration. One of the most critical factors in attracting foreign business and immigration is the U.S. legal system. However, the U.S. legal system can be intimidating and confusing for foreign companies and individuals. Taxation is often at the forefront of these concerns, serving as the main driver of financial decisions and business operations.

As trusted tax professionals, HMLLP has a unique view of client needs and the associated hurdles they often face. HMLLP International Counsel attorneys act as U.S. counsel for foreign businesses to ensure they have the right team and representation for any legal issue that may arise. This oversight ensures clients pay fair fees, receive excellent legal service from experienced U.S.-based attorneys and have superior resources in place to deal with whatever legal or business needs arise.

HMLLP’s understanding of cross-border business issues, as well as an extensive network of experienced, trusted professionals, allows the firm to ensure clients receive the help they need, regardless of the issue. The team assists in various international business scenarios, from entity formation to operations build-out and supply chain optimization.

U.S. Business Expansion Abroad

In addition to navigating complex U.S. international tax laws, HMLLP also helps ensure that U.S. businesses and investors are protected under local laws when going abroad. The International Counsel practice has a deep understanding of global business needs and knows how to address cultural and legal differences. HMLLP attorneys help clients with all aspects of foreign operations, including identifying new overseas manufacturers/partners, protecting intellectual property and navigating the various tax laws and regulations in each local market.

Almost every HMLLP attorney and professional staff member is bilingual in Spanish or Mandarin, ensuring smooth communications with clients, government entities and business partners. There is no substitute for experience and personal relationships, and HMLLP has spent years cultivating both across all corners of the globe.

Entering the U.S. Business Market

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