As business becomes increasingly global and transparent, there is a growing need for comprehensive legal and consulting services that crosses borders and oceans.  Traditionally, only large, multi-national law practices or consulting firms offered this breadth of services. Often, however, this was at the expense of personalized service, and often incurred exorbitant fees.  With our experience and extensive international partnerships, we are able to advise and guide our clients as they navigate an ever-changing international landscape.


The U.S. is a desirable destination for both international business expansion, as well as immigration.  One of the most important factors in attracting foreign business and immigration is the U.S. legal system.  However, the U.S. legal system can be intimidating and confusing for foreign individuals and businesses.  Taxation is often at the forefront of these concerns, serving as main driver of financial decisions and business operations.

As trusted tax professionals, Hone Maxwell LLP has a unique view into the needs and hurdles facing our clients.  We offer assistance in overseeing legal issues for foreign individuals and act as U.S. counsel for foreign businesses to ensure they have the right team and representation for any legal issue that may arise.  With our oversight, we ensure clients pay fair fees, receive excellent service, and have superior resources in place to deal with all of their legal and business needs.

In addition to our legal and tax services, our understanding of cross-border business issues, as well as our large network of experienced, trusted professionals allows us to ensure our clients receive the help they need regardless of the issue. We are able to assist in a variety of international business scenarios, from entity formation or mergers and acquisitions to operations build-out and supply chain optimization.


There are many reasons U.S. businesses and investors desire to go abroad.  In addition to navigating complex U.S. international tax laws, HMLLP also helps ensure clients are protected under local laws as well.  At HMLLP, we understand the needs of international businesses and know how to address cultural and legal differences, so they strengthen your business, not undermine it.  We help clients cover all aspects of their foreign operations, including finding new overseas manufacturers/partners, protecting clients’ intellectual property, as well as navigating the myriad of tax laws and regulations in each local market.

At HMLLP, we serve as your trusted advisor involved in all aspects of your business.  There is no substitute for experience and personal relationships, and at HMLLP, we have spent years cultivating both across all corners of the globe.

Representative Matters of HMLLP and our Professionals:

– Engaged by a Chinese manufacturer to assist with a multi-million dollar takeover of a U.S. distribution entity, including trademark diligence, contract negotiations, and tax planning.

– Oversaw the expansion of a European medical research company with valuable IP into the U.S. market consisting of coordinating IP holding, formation of new entities, completing new contracts, and partnership with U.S. research entities.

–  Assisted a U.S. person in buying out his partner in a Mexican maquiladora performing contract negotiations, diligence, financial analysis, and formation of new entities for legal and tax structuring.

– Worked with an Asian IT company to simplify its global organizational structure consolidating multiple foreign entities into a U.S. holding company. To complete the process HMLLP utilized its extensive network of professional colleagues in Asian countries to ensure proper compliance and legal process in foreign jurisdictions.

– Established a U.S. investment structure to allow a high net worth foreigner to achieve legal protection in the development of U.S. real estate.

– Advised a U.S. company on acquiring its Indian outsourcing entity, working with local Indian counsel to ensure tax optimization across both countries.

– Helped an Asian manufacturer establish its U.S. brand. This process included building its U.S. team, generating marketing content, setting up/overseeing its sales network, and managing US based customer accounts. This allowed the client to bypass middlemen and sell directly to U.S. retailers and consumers.

– Advised a U.S. company on its logistics and import strategy to mitigate and eliminate customs duties on its imported products. Company’s customs duties dropped from an average of 25% to 5% after implementation.

– Managed new product development for a U.S. consumer products company, enabling it to obtain factory-direct pricing, successfully manage supplier audits, and expand its product portfolio.

– Conducted project due diligence for a multi-national conglomerate that was expanding its presence in the U.S. Site visits, contract negotiations, and project management were performed across multiple projects with $15M+ worth of aggregate invested capital.

– Helped a Chinese manufacturer develop a new sales channel in the U.S., allowing it to monetize a previously disregarded byproduct from its manufacturing process and turn it into an income generating revenue stream.

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