Will California FTB Collections Be Calling You?

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In July, the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) began implementing an automated dialer to make outbound collection calls to individual taxpayers as an effort to prevent collection actions such as tax liens, bank levies, and wage garnishments. In September the FTB will implement an automated dialer for business entity taxpayers.

In all cases, the FTB has attempted to purge the call lists of taxpayers with current representation agreements on file.  Only those taxpayers without valid powers of attorney on file should be receiving calls.

Taxpayers entering the collection process, who do not respond timely to their final collection notice, may receive a call.  A taxpayer who is already in the collections process may receive calls from FTB’s automated dialer, which connects them to a collector who will work with them to resolve their issue.

Taxpayers who feel they have been contacted in error may call the FTB at 888-895-8125. The broadcast also offers an additional menu selection to tell FTB that the call is in error.

If you receive a call from FTB Collections regarding past due taxes, call Hone Maxwell LLP today for assistance.


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