If you do not agree with the results of a tax return examination or with other adjustments to your tax liability, you can appeal your case to an IRS Appeals Office. You must timely submit your request for an appeal on your case and be prepared to discuss and argue all disputed issues with the appeals officer. In most cases, if a mutual agreement is not reached at your appeals conference, you may appeal the Tax Court to review your case.

A timely written protest, which supports your position, is required in most cases. We highly recommend that you retain an attorney to represent you in the appeals process because of the confidentiality protection that is afforded through attorney-client privilege, the nuances that arise during appeals conferences, and to avoid incurring additional legal fees if your case can be resolved at this stage.  At Hone Maxwell LLP you have the ability to hire an attorney with these skills as well as the knowledge and experience to understand the underlying tax issues.

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