Tax Planning

At Hone Maxwell LLP, we handle tax issues for individuals and business entities such as corporations and partnerships. We assist our clients with federal, state and local tax matters. With proper tax planning, we can help ensure that you don’t pay more taxes than necessary.

Tax Compliance

Before you can file a tax return you must understand which forms are required to be filed.  Many transactions, investments, and foreign activities need to be reported on their own separate form.  Failure to do this could lead to audits, penalties, and in some cases criminal investigation.   Therefore, it is imperative you understand exactly which forms you must file and the deadlines and requirements for each form.  At Hone Maxwell LLP, we can assist you in making these determinations.

When the correct tax forms are identified, proper tax compliance entails much more than simply filling out the form.  Within the tax forms can be many complicated issues and transactions which need to be analyzed individually in order to be accurately reported on the tax return or form.  Improper reporting could lead to future audits, penalties, or paying more tax than necessary.  Many times tax preparers do not have the time or ability to make these decisions.  Do not run added risk of an audit or paying penalties and additional tax which is not required.  Call Hone Maxwell LLP so we can provide guidance, analysis and options on the tax reporting of your transaction or circumstances.

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