Being audited?  Receiving a tax audit notice can be overwhelming, stressful and intimidating.  The process routinely includes questioning by a tax examiner, collecting information from many time periods and several sources, and paying even higher tax liabilities.  Some people may even face criminal indictment.

Many people try to represent themselves or engage their tax return preparer to represent them in a tax audit.  This does not position you well for the most favorable outcome and could have serious repercussions.  Tax auditors receive special training in interviewing techniques and methods of eliciting damaging information from unsuspecting taxpayers.  They are constantly on the lookout for conflicting statements or clues that could lead to further investigation, greater liability, and potential criminal charges.

In many instances, tax return preparers are not comfortable in these situations nor are they knowledgeable about the audit process.  They are poorly equipped to represent clients in an audit because they are usually defending their own work if an audit is initiated.  An attorney is better equipped to explain any issues that may exist and timely assert various legal defenses to help limit or prevent inappropriate audit assessments.

We have experience dealing with a variety of auditors and a host of unique circumstances that often surround tax audits.  We understand the unique challenges faced by LGBT taxpayers, speak the language of a tax auditor and know how to strategically respond to audit inquiries in ways that preserve your rights.  Our team thinks creatively about all the justifications for the positions taken in your tax filings and identifies documentation that will support your position.

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