Litigation Support

Litigation often requires the extraction of financial information from tax returns, financial statements and/or accounting records.  Without a background in accounting, tax compliance, or tax litigation, it can be difficult to extract this information from the available records, especially if the party who prepared the records is not your client.  Nevertheless, this information could potentially be invaluable to your case.

Whether your case involves corporate or business matters, real estate, contracts, family law or any other litigation, at Hone Maxwell LLP we can help you understand the factual story the tax and financial records provide and extract the information you need.  Our background both educationally and professionally allows us to look beyond the face of the available tax and/or financial records to assist you in ascertaining facts that may not be readily apparent.  We will review financial information including tax returns, tax filings, financial statements, and accounting records and deliver you a report tailored to the scope and depth required for your case.  With Hone Maxwell LLP litigation assistance, you can get the information and facts you need to support your case and more effectively represent your clients.

Contact us today at Hone Maxwell LLP to discuss how we can be an asset to your litigation.

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