New Commissioner of the IRS

 In Tax News

After over a year without a commissioner, last week the U.S. Senate finally confirmed John Koskinen to the position.  During this time there was an acting commissioner but it took President Obama several months to appoint someone permanently.  In many years, this appointment would barely be noticed by the public.  However, this was not an average year for the IRS.  The IRS has had a significant loss in credibility capped with the  scandal earlier this year when it was reported the IRS was targeting non-profit groups related to Tea Party members and other conservatives.  Having a commissioner in place at that time likely would not have avoided the scandal, but might have been able to help with the fallout.  Koskinen is a corporate restructuring expert, but his biggest task likely isn’t the technical aspect of the job, but the public relations portion and restoring faith and credibility in the IRS.  For more tax updates and the latest news you can follow us on twitter @HMLLPTax or facebook at

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