International Estate & Asset Planning

The world economy is becoming more open and interactive every day. Globalization provides investment and business expansion opportunities, but often results in additional government regulation and enforcement. It is imperative for anyone immigrating into the U.S. or investing in or outside the U.S. to be prepared for the correlating responsibilities and obligations. With proper planning and execution, many pitfalls, costs and problems can be avoided or mitigated.

Hone Maxwell LLP’s international tax and business attorneys have the experience needed to assist with all aspects of planning related to international assets, investments, transactions and the tax consequences of relocating to the United States. Additionally, the team’s legal and compliance background creates a full-service approach to render practical advice and assist in efficient reporting.  These rules can apply whether it is a business expanding into the U.S. or simply a foreign trust with a U.S. beneficiary.

International Estate Planning

There are many factors to consider when there are international aspects to an estate plan, such as family members with varying U.S. status, foreign assets or other cross-border investments. A proper international estate plan ensures the individual’s personal goals are met, addresses income and estate taxes and offers protection to keep assets out of litigation. HMLLP attorneys execute effective and efficient international estate plans and evaluate other international tax reporting obligations or consequences.

Trust Setup and Administration

When properly utilized, trusts can be a very effective method to achieve investment goals, global structuring or asset protection. There are many types of trusts available to meet specific financial goals. HMLLP can advise on proper trust setup, prepare the trust and assist in administration.

In addition, HMLLP provides preimmigration planning to minimize taxes and protect assets.

Entering the U.S. Business Market

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