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Hone Maxwell LLP Saves Client Nearly $400K on Foreign Filings

Several years ago, I was at a restaurant in Mexico explaining the amnesty programs to a potential client over lunch. After a while, a woman at the table next to us got up and introduced herself. She politely apologized for interrupting but said that, after hearing me discuss the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, she was not sure she was getting the best legal advice. I gave her a card and we talked later about the OVDP and her situation.

After analyzing her case, it was one of the most typical problems we see with international tax. Her attorney did not understand compliance or all the options. Therefore, he was simply going through the standard program step-by-step without any planning or outside-the-box thinking. As a result, the client was facing a $500,000 penalty. My Hone Maxwell LLP team of international tax law attorneys and I quickly saw a better solution that was not common — but was a great fit for her facts.

The client has now settled her case for $120,000. They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, but it’s even more rare that a lunch saves you $380,000! Additionally, this is not an offer in compromise where she paid less because she could only afford less. This case is a real win since the client had the money in the bank, but we found an option where the IRS had to agree to a lesser penalty.

This is the unique service HMLLP provides that stems from our accounting and compliance backgrounds, as well as Partner Josh Maxwell being a licensed CPA. The HMLLP team doesn’t just methodically go through these programs or international laws — we have the experience to find different options and know expected outcomes. This allows us to find solutions for our clients with better results.

Learn more about how HMLLP can help with OVDP matters by calling us at 619.980.4476.

Client Quote

I feel very fortunate to have found Hone Maxwell LLP. I never regretted having interrupted Josh Maxwell at that Mexican restaurant.

HMLLP had the knowledge to provide me with the best choices in following IRS rules while saving me money. I am so glad I changed lawyers given the experience I had with two different lawyer firms who did not provide me with the different options.

I only wish that I had found Hone Maxwell previously since I would have been able to enter the streamline option, which would have saved me even more money. Given the previous lawyers’ unfortunate choices, I was unable to follow that route, but  Hone Maxwell found the best option.

I am grateful for their help, which they provided me in a most professional manner.

Envelope of Money

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