Mr. Devine is an experienced entrepreneur and consultant, with expertise in import/export, logistics, business development and cross-border investment promotion. Mr. Devine specializes in helping foreign companies enter the U.S. market and establish U.S.-based sales, marketing and operations. He is also experienced with helping U.S. firms expand abroad via exporting and distribution agreements, as well as establishing and managing foreign manufacturing capabilities.

Mr. Devine has worked in a variety of sectors, including wealth management, consumer products, industrial supplies and equipment, food&beverage and entertainment. Mr. Devine’s background is in international relations and business, having worked for both Chinese and Taiwanese companies while living abroad. He is an experienced liaison between the public, private, and academic sectors and is fluent in written and spoken Chinese (Mandarin).

Having previously served as Asia Desk Manager at World Trade Center San Diego, Mr. Devine was responsible for providing research and consulting services to U.S. and foreign companies, facilitating cross-border flows of products and services through San Diego and its border region, organizing trade missions to Asia, hosting inbound delegations of businessmen and government officials, as well as putting together informational seminars/conferences.

Mr. Devine’s extensive experience, Chinese fluency, knowledge of cultural and business norms, and expertise in international commerce, particularly trans-pacific, allow him to provide comprehensive service to clients looking to expand business from the U.S. into Asia, or to enter the U.S. market.

Mr. Devine graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California (USC) with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and East Asian Languages &Cultures (Chinese) and received his Master’s degree in International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego’s School of Global Policy & Strategy.

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