Tax News

HMLLP Team Discusses Foreign Expansion in Mexico

Foreign companies expanding into the U.S. face a variety of international tax audits and tax compliance issues, a team of Hone Maxwell LLP tax and business attorneys said during a recent presentation in Mexico. Attorneys Josh Maxwell, Carolina Juarez and Claudia Ignacio participated in the Mexico-based National Association of Business Lawyers Bar Association’s (ANADE) Cross-Border […]

IRS OIC Program

Last month the IRS finalized their annual “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams to help inform and warn taxpayers of the common scams and schemes that are on the rise. On the list was “Offer in Compromise mills”, which are tax resolution companies that aggressively promote the offer in compromise (OIC) program to individuals and […]

Case Study: Successful Form 3520 Appeal

A married couple in the United States each on an F-1 visa to attend school received more than $100,000 in one year from their respective parents overseas. Their CPA misadvised them and filed a late Form 3520 for each to report the gifts received in that year, which was not required. As a result, the […]

IRS Cannot Enforce International Tax Forms? For Now, Maybe.

The U.S. Tax Court, in Farhy v. Commissioner, recently came down with a huge win for taxpayers facing penalties for not filing some international tax forms. In their decision, the Court determined that certain penalties assessed for failure to file informational returns were beyond the statutory authority of the IRS. As such, many taxpayers filing […]

Tax Treaty Benefits for U.S. Investments

As expected, a foreigner investing in a U.S. business may be subject to U.S. taxes.  Sometimes, when receiving the profits, the investor may be surprised to discover that the source usually withholds a fraction of it to fulfill tax obligations.  The amount withheld, often exceeding what is eventually owed, can also come as a surprise.  […]