Josh Maxwell

5 Tips to Make International Business Travel a Success

By Josh Maxwell In my years of crossing  the globe for work, particularly to Asia, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge not just in international tax law and cross-border business, but also about the important role travel plays in forging and nurturing successful partnerships. It’s an insight that’s shaped my approach to business development and […]

Finding Relief from IRS Penalties: Possible Procedural Defenses for Form 3520

When the IRS assesses penalties, taxpayers often wonder if there’s a way to avoid paying. The IRS allows for appeals, reconsiderations, and administrative hearings to determine if a penalty was correctly assessed. One common defense is that the taxpayer had “Reasonable Cause” for their noncompliance. Another defense involves disputing the mechanics of the assessment. In […]

Aroeste v. United States: Form 8833, Nonresident Status and Green Card Risk

The case of Aroeste v. United States has significant implications for international taxpayers, particularly those with dual residency status or those who may be considered residents of both the United States and another country under domestic laws. In Aroeste v. United States, 22-cv-00682-AJB-KSC (S.D. Cal. Nov. 20, 2023) the court ruled that Alberto Aroeste, a […]

IRS Can Enforce Form 5471 Penalties: Farhy Overturned

As expected, when the Tax Court decided the IRS could not enforce penalties such as Form 5471, this was not the end of the discussion. The D.C. Circuit Court’s has overturned the Tax Court’s decision in Farhy v. Commissioner. This significantly impacts taxpayers, especially those required to file international information returns like Form 5471. This […]

Malta Pension Plans, the Dirty Dozen, and IRS enforcement

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) annually compiles a list known as the “Dirty Dozen,” which highlights the most egregious tax scams and schemes that taxpayers might encounter. This initiative, which began in 2002, serves to inform and protect taxpayers from falling victim to fraudulent activities that could lead to significant financial loss or legal complications. […]

HMLLP “U.S. International Tax and Business Update” Seminars for Cross-Border Companies

There is a myriad of corporate and tax considerations for businesses working across the United States-Mexico border, from corporate formation and structure decisions to tax obligations and reporting compliance. Cross-border businesses that fail to meet reporting requirements from both governments could face hefty penalties. To help businesses in dynamic, cross-border regions, Hone Maxwell LLP is […]

U.S. Tax Laws for Singaporean Students

The thousands of students from Singapore studying in the United States must be aware of the complex U.S. international tax laws or risk facing severe penalties. There are considerations for current Singaporean students as well as for those who decide to remain in the U.S. after their studies are complete. As Hone Maxwell Associate Jared […]

International Taxation in the Digital Economy: 5 Insights for Businesses and Individuals

As the global economy continues its  shift toward digital dominance, understanding the intricacies of international taxation in this evolving landscape is crucial for both businesses and individuals. The digital economy, powered by technology and computing infrastructures, has transformed how products and services are purchased and delivered, as well as how they are taxed across different […]