Appealing an IRS Audit

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In order to appeal an IRS audit, a taxpayer must take a few simple steps.  First, you must write a letter of protest and send it to the local IRS district director.  At the same time, you should organize all of your financial records and file a Freedom of Information Act request for the auditor’s records, which will allow you to see what information the auditor has.

Appealing an IRS audit has advantages and disadvantages.  In the majority of cases, appealing an IRS audit results in some tax savings.  It costs nothing to appeal your audit and can buy you time to consider various payment options or raise the money owed.

However, the appeals officer may raise issues the auditor may have missed, potentially exposing you to a higher liability.  While this is a rare occurrence, you may also skip the appeals process altogether and take your case directly to Tax Court (where new issues cannot be raised).  We recommend consulting a tax professional before deciding to skip the appeals process.

In addition, please note that interest will continue to accrue on your tax bill throughout the appeals process.

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