5 Tips to Make International Business Travel a Success

By Josh Maxwell

In my years of crossing  the globe for work, particularly to Asia, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge not just in international tax law and cross-border business, but also about the important role travel plays in forging and nurturing successful partnerships. It’s an insight that’s shaped my approach to business development and deeply influenced how I engage with new cultures, professionals and opportunities.

My adventures overseas have taught me that the key to successful international business lies far beyond the confines of boardrooms and formal meetings. It’s rooted in a genuine passion for discovery, connection and the rich tapestry of different cultures.

As I reflect on these experiences, I’m reminded of the countless conversations I’ve had with peers and partners that have led to business growth. For anyone interested in expanding their business overseas, I offer these five relationship-building tips for ensuring opportunities and success:

  1. You must love to travel.
  2. It takes multiple trips to build the personal connections that lead to successful business partnerships.
  3. Avoid worrying about the trip’s ROI. If you’re thinking about the bottom line, you’ll focus your conversations on building business and not long-lasting, meaningful relationships.
  4. Don’t be “salesy” in your conversations. If you are, no one will want to meet with you again once they’ve already heard your pitch.
  5. Keep the conversation focused on topics you both find interesting but aren’t controversial, like travel experiences or interesting things about their city.

Time and again, I’ve emphasized that success in these ventures isn’t just about the frequency of your flights or the stamps in your passport. It’s about immersing yourself in the cultures you’re engaging with, understanding the value of patience and persistence and, most importantly, nurturing a love for the journey itself. From my initial trips to Asia, exploring new business avenues, to the establishment of a permanent presence for Hone Maxwell LLP in Singapore, my journey has been as much about building lasting relationships as it has been about expanding our firm’s global footprint.

To hear more about this journey, check out the article I recently wrote for Portfolio magazine about how my love for international business travel led to a new office in Singapore.


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