March 5, 2018

You Control Your Paycheck

With the recent tax changes many people have seen an increase in their after-tax pay.  This is due to the new tax rates and corresponding withholding schedules for employers.  However, you are always in control of your paycheck. If you have had your job for a while you may not remember, but when you first […]

Extension of Time to File, Not Pay

An extension to file your tax return can be a good option, especially as we wait for some of the new tax changes to be clarified.  However, it is very important to remember that the extension is only an extension of time to file.  Your personal taxes are still due on April 15th even if […]

Little Help for Foreigners with U.S. Estate Tax under New Tax Plan

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made estate tax changes for U.S. citizens and domicilaries, such as increasing the unified estate and gift tax exemption from $5.6 million to $11.2 million.  However, for non-U.S. citizens or domicilaries (“foreigners”), there was not much help. The $60,000 estate tax exemption for foreigners remains unchanged.  Furthermore, the $60,000 […]

Partner Josh Maxwell joins ANADE

Hone Maxwell LLP is excited and honored to announce our Partner Josh Maxwell’s acceptance into the esteemed Mexican attorney organization of ANADE. Click here for photos.