The U.S. is a very desirable destination for both international business expansion as well as immigration.  One of the largest factors is a detailed and stable legal system.  However, for foreign individuals and businesses it can be an intimidating venture to enter such a legal system.  Tax is usually at the forefront of these concerns and a main driver of financial decisions and business operations.  As trusted tax professionals, we have a unique view into the needs and hurdles facing our clients.  At Hone Maxwell LLP we are able to offer assistance in overseeing legal issues for foreign individuals and act as U.S. counsel for foreign businesses to ensure they have the right team and representation for any legal issue that may arise.  With our oversight, we ensure clients pay fair fees, receive the service they deserve and have the best resources in place to deal with their legal needs.  While our legal services are specific to tax matters, our understanding of our client’s situation and our large network of experienced, qualified and trusted professionals allows us to ensure our client’s get the help they need regardless of the issue.

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